The fair.foundation aims to address a crucial gap between humanities and technology that has been largely overlooked in our current global dynamics. While technological progress has propelled human advancement, the research in social sciences has shown how it also played a role in fostering many social problems like inequality, opression, wealth concentration, gentrification and forced migration. Over the past century, technology and human sciences have grown increasingly distant, particularly as the capitalist spirit prioritized infinite profit as the ultimate goal for the economic system and ignored different sectors of the population.

Despite limited resources, universities, research institutions, and NGOs have diligently documented the adverse effects of profit-driven technology on nature and society. At fair.foundation, we are certain that the time to bridge this gap is now. With the undeniable future role of AI and its potential to reshape almost every profession, it is imperative to scrutinize how we are advancing this technology. We must ensure that its development aligns with ethical values, placing human well-being and social justice at the forefront of the discussion. In the intricate realm of AI, our primary objective is to cultivate technology that serves humanity responsibly and ethically. We are committed to exploring the possibilities and limitations of AI through rigorous research. Furthermore, we aim to support researchers by developing ethical research tools that adhere to principled guidelines of equality, social justice, and inclusivity, thereby improving the way research is conducted and the knowledge that is produced.