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The fair.foundation is dedicated to bridging the gap between the humanities and AI, with a primary focus on ensuring that technological progress prioritizes the well-being of humanity.

The intersection of the Humanities with AI is a key research area to ensure a fair and morally balanced AI development. We integrate sociological, philosophical, and psychological insights from an academic environment with the technology developed around AI. This synthesis aims to establish a comprehensive ethical framework that will shape the construction of AI, promoting a holistic consideration of its impact on society.

Our fields of research are:

Policy and Regulation: We ensure that AI solutions adhere to European Union guidelines. (GDPR and AI ACT)

Impact on Society: We study how AI affects and disrupts different sectors of society, such as work dynamics, migrations, privacy, and social equality.

AI Research Tools: We create advanced tools and methods to make ethical AI research. We focus on merging knowledge from the Humanities and social sciences into the real of technology.